The BUCSC is in the process of INCORPORATION

Check out the policy: Referendum Policy-2016


December 1, 2016
The Brescia University College Students’ Council is pleased to announce the
results of the Referendum.
Polls closed at 11:59PM last night.

Results are as follows:

Should the BUCSC become incorporated?
YES – 368
NO – 31

Should BUCSC Student Fees be merged into one fee?
YES – 350
NO – 50

Do you support the introduction of a new $5.00 per student fee to support
Brescia’s Student Sponsorship Fund? This Fund was established in 2016 to
assist in the financial support of students studying at Brescia whose
education has been interrupted by war and/or persecution. Either through
partnerships with external organizations, such as the World University
Services of Canada (WUSC), or other sending organizations; Brescia will
seek to welcome and support these students in crisis.
YES – 297
NO – 105

A 20% voter turnout was needed for the Referendum to pass. We had 402
students vote, making up just over 27% of the Brescia student population.
Thank you for your time and support. In the new year, we are looking
forward to drafting a Memorandum of Understanding with the college, meeting
with key stakeholders at Brescia and beginning the legal process of

Thank you especially to our principal, Dr. Mumm, as well as the BUCRC with
their gift card donations. Winners will be notified tomorrow via UWO

Any questions can be directed to Deanna Vezina, at [email protected]
Thank you!

What is it?
The process of legally declaring a corporate entity as separate from its owner
– The BUCSC would been seen as a non-for-profit business, separate from Brescia University College

– Liability falls to Brescia’s Board of Trustees (therefore, not the president)
– Financial freedom
– Increasing legitimacy as an organization
– Increasing leadership and empowerment opportunities of students
– We are the only council at Western who is NOT incorporated

The Brescia student body will take a vote on a referendum if they feel incorporation is beneficial for the BUCSC.

VOTE November 29th and 30th

Will my student fees change?
NO! Your fees will not be affected.
– We would like you to vote to combine our operating budget (students’ council fee) and the special project fee
*this will ultimately give us more financial freedom to spend more money on events for YOU!
For more information on student fees: Student Fees