Event Form

Planning an Event?

Planning events as either a member of a Brescia Club, the Brescia University Students’ Council or as a student at large can be an exciting but sometimes daunting process. In order to assist Brescia students with the event planning process and to enhance risk management at Brescia, all student event organizers need to complete an Event Form

Brescia Event Review Committee

The Brescia Event Review Committee (EVC) is an internal committee comprised of both Staff and Student representatives. This committee is responsible for reviewing all Student Event Applications and was developed to ensure a consistent and comprehensive implementation of Brescia’s Risk Management Policy and to ensure that Brescia sponsored events reflect the vision, mission and values of our educational institution. Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

Want help promoting your event?

Use the handy ‘Megaform’ to promote your Brescia-related event in our news and social media channels. The megaform lets you tune your messages and select the channels you want to use for promotion. Use the Megaform

For inclusion in social media, several days before your event is the best time to use the megaform and distribute your message. For events that require more notice, or that you want included in the Weekly Leader, two weeks is even better.

BUCSC Mediaform

The BUCSC can also promote your event through our website and social media channels. Use the BUCSC Mediaform.