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Mission Statement

The Brescia University College Students’ Council is the representative body of the Student Assembly. Our Mission is to address student needs, build community, and facilitate the involvement of all students in every aspect of college life.


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General inquiries: [email protected]

BUCSC Contact List


Position Name Email 
Executive Members 
President Rachel Ogilvie [email protected]
Chief Communications Officer Emily Morphy (interm) [email protected]
Chief Financial Officer Michelle Kocins [email protected]
Vice President Student Events Krista Lucier [email protected]
Vice President Student Life Emily Rose West [email protected]
Governance Officer Katie Vezina [email protected]
General Manager
Associate Vice President Members 
AVP Promotions Contact Emily Morphy [email protected]
AVP Special Events Kyleigh Arthur [email protected]
AVP Student Support Eli Marentette [email protected]
AVP Treasure Jessica DaSliva [email protected]
Off Campus Representative Rachel Millian [email protected]
International Student Representative Syeda Fatima [email protected]
School of Humanities Representative Holly McNeil [email protected]
School of Food and Nutritional Sciences Representative Adrianna Rytter [email protected]
USC Representative Erica Defrancisco [email protected]
Residence Representative Mikaila Hunter [email protected]
General Members 
Clubs Finance Commissioner Janae Seymour [email protected]
Awareness Commissioner Heather Heise [email protected]
Chief Returning Officer Morgan Mattern [email protected]
Volunteer Commissioner Maggie Clendenning [email protected]
Brescia TV Editor Joycelyn Huynh [email protected]
Wellness Commissioner Charlotte Wilson [email protected]
Orientation Director Julia Piach [email protected]
Clubs Commissioner Destiny Gardiner [email protected]
Athletic Director Sydney Ross [email protected]
Brescia Ball Commissioner Annabelle Ramirez [email protected]
Formal Events Commissioner Esme Panarello [email protected]
Relay Commissioner Brianne Henderson [email protected]
Social Media Commissioner Shivika Parmar [email protected]
Brescia Buzz Editor Laura McLellan [email protected]
Speaker Rachelle Provost [email protected]
Environmental Commissioner Brooklyne Palmer [email protected]
Available Positions 
Preliminary Year Representative
First-Year Residence Representative
First-Year Off Campus Representative
School of Leadership and Social Change Representative
Senior Year Representative
Mature & Transfer Student Representative
School of Behavioural and Social Sciences Representative
Second Year Representative
Diversity and Inclusion Commissioner
Website Commissioner