Clubs Ratification Form

*Please read the the Club Ratification Procedures before filling out the form

APPENDIX B: BUCSC Clubs Ratification Application

NOTE: Ratification is granted to approved clubs from the time of approval until April 30th of the academic year. This application must be completed by any student group who wishes to become a ratified club at Brescia, or if a current Brescia club wishes to ratify for the following year. Applications must be sent to you electronically, and you and CPC team will meet to discuss the prospects of each application submitted. Also note that sections in which you are asked to agree to an article must also be signed in person at the scheduled clubs training event.

Please sign your name as clubs contact, the club you represent and the date indicating that you concede that there is a need for a clubs advisor. By signing this you are also indicating that you will inform your clubs advisor of all their duties and responsibilities, as outlined in the ‘clubs advisor’ definition. By signing this you are also indicating that you will disband your club if an advisor is not found by the deadline, and you cannot meet again until an advisor is found.

Clubs Ratification Procedure

The Club Constitution as found on the BUCSC website, ammended in 2017, is a binding Constitution in which all ratified BUCSC clubs must abide by. Failure to abide by this document can lead to sanctions against a club and/or possible de-ratification as set out by the Club Constitution Committee and/or the BUCSC Executive team.

Contact Information

Cannot be a personal email. If your club does not have an email we will create an email for you at Clubs Training.

Section 1.0: Written Statement

Briefly describe your club, it's goal and what it hopes to achieve at Brescia. For an example of a mission statement please see the one provided on the BUCSC Consitution and the Club Constitution
How does this objective meet a community/student need? Also state what makes your club unique and stand apart.
How many years has your club existed at Brescia?
Here you will be given a chance to give the BUCSC and CCC a look at what your club will be doing throughout the year. Please try to give a month by month list with as much detail as possible. This also assists during Club Training and event planning. All ratified clubs must agree to complete a year-end report to be submitted to the BUCSC (Clubs Liaison and Vice President Student Events) no later then May 1st of each year. This report will outline the club's activities and events, their goals met, and hopes to achieve in the upcoming years along with any other notable information. This report will also be provided to the incoming president or leadership team the next academic year.
Please identify any unique risks (physical, financial, or other) that are applicable to your club. If the risk is related to your club please list why the feature may display potential risk, and how the risk would be handled.

Section 2.0: Constitution

Please note that at Brescia University College, a club member is defined as an undergraduate student who is a member of a ratified club. A club’s membership must be open to all undergraduate students at Brescia University College. A club is also permitted to have a small number of students from other campuses (i.e., Kings, Huron, and Main Campus) provided that their home campus does not have an equivalent club. Brescia students must make up a two-thirds majority of the membership within a Brescia club.
For interest clubs, there will need to be a leadership team in place, consisting of a Team Leader as well as two assistants. NOTE: All Team Leaders MUST be a registered Brescia University College Undergraduate student. Name the leadership team (at least 3 members) who will take responsibility of the club. It is suggested you have a Financial Commissioner to handle all financial aspects of the club. Please also provide what each person's role will be on the Leadership team. (Example: Jane Doe: President/1st Commissioner; Betty Sue: Finance Commissioner; Annie Hall: Communication Commissioner)
Name the executive member positions for the clubs. Note that the executive should consist of a President, Vice President, Vice President Finance (or Treasurer) and Secretary. NOTE: The club President MUST be a registered Brescia University College Undergraduate student. The positions provided in the template are the minimum positions that each club must have; the position titles may be different. A club is permitted to list additional executive members, including co-presidents. The position of the Secretary may be combined with either a Vice-Presidential position or the Treasurer position. Outline the responsibilities of the executive members of the club. Additional responsibilities of any executive member are permitted. Each new executive position must include responsibilities.
The purpose of the Transition Binder is to assist the new incoming members of your club to fully understand how the club was run in the previous year. Each executive member will be required to record accomplishments and events the individual has completed for the club. This may include positive and negative outcomes for the future members of the club to change and improve upon within the next school year.
A club’s executive is not required to set a membership fee; however, where a membership fee is deemed necessary in order for the club to function, the executive members will set the fee. It is not necessary to set the actual fee amount in the Constitution, as this will limit the club’s ability to alter the fee annually without amending the club’s Constitution. Please indicate a club membership fee if applicable
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A refund policy creates accountability within a club, particularly within a club that requires a club membership fee. Executive members must be honest with and accountable to general members, otherwise those members may apply for a refund on their membership fee. In order to protect a club and a club’s members, the circumstances under which a refund may be obtained may be time sensitive. Please indicate the deadline (time of year/date) for a member to withdraw from a club in which they will receive a full refund of their membership fee. Note that a club may elect to have a non-refundable membership fee.
It is essential that executive members understand the importance of maintaining communication with the Brescia University College Students’ Council (BUCSC). Briefly indicate how the club plans to stay in touch with the VP Student Events and Clubs Commissioner on the BUCSC.
Please provide an estimate of the minimum number of club meetings that will be held during the year; indicate approximately how often the meetings will take place; and indicate the approximate time/day of the meetings.
The club’s Constitution must state whether a successful candidate will be declared following an election or an interview process. In the case of an election, the successful candidate will be declared either by a two-third’s (2/3) majority or by a simple majority. Where the club’s Constitution is silent, a successful candidate will be declared by a two-third’s (2/3) majority. Please indicate how the positions of the club (primarily the executive positions) will be chosen. If an election process does not apply for your club, clubs have the option of deciding new leadership teams through group consensus, conducting interviews or the existing leadership team can appoint a new leadership team. Please indicate how the new leadership team will be selected.
The process of removing a club member must always be carried out in accordance with the club’s removal provisions. Please indicate the club’s removal policy if it is necessary to remove a member from the club (i.e., verbal warning, written warning, meeting, vote, etc.). This will be further discussed in clubs training.
Clubs are not authorized to enter into contracts or other dealings on behalf of the BUCSC or Brescia University College. Clubs are not permitted to represent to third parties that they have the authority to act on behalf of the BUCSC or Brescia University College. Clubs are not permitted to lead third parties, directly or indirectly, to believe that their beliefs, views or actions represent those of the BUCSC or Brescia University College. Please indicate agreement by checking the 'I agree' box.

Section 3.0: Club Membership

Please provide a list of current members of the club. There must be minimum 10 names and emails to be considered valid. Please note that during clubs week you will be given a chance to bring in more members. Therefore this list may seem quite small at first.

Section 4.0: Club Advisor

At Brescia University College, a clubs advisor is defined as an employee (staff or faculty) of Brescia University College who assists and mentors the club executives of a Brescia club. A clubs advisor should have a firm understanding of how the club is developed, governed, and administered by the student membership. A clubs advisor should meet regularly with a member of the club executive and provide on-going guidance and support. Note: New clubs have thirty (30) days after ratification to obtain an advisor. Once an advisor has committed to a club, this section of the clubs ratification form can be submitted. *Note: All Academic clubs must have a club advisor whom is a faculty or staff member at Brescia.*