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Brescia O-Week

Orientation Week!

Brescia University College, the Brescia Soph-Peer Mentor Team, the Brescia University College Students’ Council, and the Western Orientation Program are prepared and excited to welcome all new students during Orientation Week 2016!

Theme Reveal

Our programming will orient new students to life on Brescia and Western campuses with a diverse selection of social and academic events.

Theme Reveal:

Brescia League will transform Brescia University College into a team atmosphere throughout Orientation Week. Brescia will now be home to the Brescia Hillgoers League, Established 1919. New to Brescia students can experience many ups and downs during their first year, but a team creates a welcoming environment that can help to combat those challenges, somewhere that everyone can feel safe and welcomed. Everyone has a role on a team, and every player is valuable to the overall success. They will be encouraged to learn from their fellow students, to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and to challenge themselves to achieve their goals. Brescia will become “home base” for the New to Brescia Students and represents how we must work together to ensure that everyone feels included and important during their time here.

Brescia’s New Student Guide:

Orientation and New Student Guide

Everything you need to know to start your time here at Brescia!

Meet Your 2016-2017 Soph Peer Mentors:

Meet these amazing new sophs who will be your mentors for the upcoming school year!

Soph Peer Mentors

Meet Your 2015-2017 BUCSC Members:

These individuals will be representing you this year on Students’ Council, improving your school experience.

BUCSC Members

How to Get Your O-Pass:


Pick-up for O-Passes begins on Sunday September 4th! (Move-In day & First Day of O-Week)

Be sure to pick up your O-Kits, Western agendas (great coupons inside!), and bus passes.

To participate in Orientation Week, your “O-Pass Fee” is your ticket to all of the amazing O-Week activities at Brescia & Western. As part of your official welcome to both campuses, Orientation Week introduces you to the people, resources, and opportunities available to you through workshops, games, concerts, meals, and much more. Please visit: find out more information about your O-Pass and  stay tuned to  our various social media pages (and to learn more as each new event is unveiled.

Brescia’s O-week Schedule:


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