Academic Resources & Tips


University can be very stressful at times! Use these resources and tips to help get though the difficult year. Any more ideas? Tell us by giving us feedback and the BUCSC will share your ideas!



  1. Ask for Help

    – Speak to your professors if you have any questions, need clarification or want to review an exam. They are there for a reason!
    – When asking for help you create relationships with your professors which is important for future networking and references.

  2. Keep Updated on Faculty Help Sessions

    – There are Chemistry and Psychology 1000 help sessions available to you. Ask your professor for more information of when they will be held. (Dates subject to change every year)

  3. Study Groups

    – What better way to learn than with your peers? Get together with other student in your classes and start a study group!

  4. Textbooks

    – Check out the Brescia Used Text Books page on Facebook.

  5. Get Involved

    – Want to make a change? Join the Brescia University College Students’ Council!
    – Join one of Brescia’s many clubs ( You also have access to clubs at Main (!
    – If these do not interest you come out to events hosted by the USC, BUCSC, KUCSC and HUCSC!
    – Getting involved will enhance your student life experience and most importantly, gives you a break from studying!

  6. Relax

    – Taking time for yourself is very important to not get too overwhelmed and stressed.
    – Read a book, exercise, watch a movie or hang out with friends at The Spoke!
    – Check out BUCSC’s YouTube channel. How do YOU De-Stress?



  1. Writing Center

    – Take advantage of the Writing Center! Located in room 301 in the St. James Building.
    РThe Writing Center does NOT review spelling and grammatical errors.  Instead they help students to: improve reading strategies, clarify ideas, paragraph structures, revising techniques etc.

  2. Student Life Center

    – Located in room 119 in the St. James Building (behind The Hive).
    – The Student Life Center will assist you with your career and professional development, mental health, leadership, involvement and more!
    – Ask them about assistance on writing your resume and cover letter!

  3. The Hive

    – Any questions? First stop is The Hive located beside the BUCSC office in the Living Room.
    РAny fees, registration, parking pass and/or programing staff is happy to help you with.

  4. Health Services

    – Health Services is located on Main Campus.
    – Need any medical assistance? Birth control psychiatry, massage therapy, SDI’s, immunizations and doctor’s are all there to assist you. Book an appointment today!

  5. Career Central

    – The Student Success Center administrates Career Central! They are located on Main Campus at the UCC in room 210.
    – Register for workshops or information sessions!
    – Search for job postings, volunteer opportunities and more!